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Technology & Assembly

Worm & Mildew  Resistant

15 Years Finish and Constructure Guarantee

Assembly&Istallation Instruction(Please Contact For PDF Files or/and Video Disc)

Bamboo is a natural grass family plant, but it has hardwood texture and tapers from base to tip, Bamboo has fantastic merchanical properties, it shows average hardness of 1642kg/cm2, Density--720kg/m3 , tensile strength of 4340kg/cm2, bamboo  is in its size, lightness and strength an extreme product of nature. It is stable and because of its cavities an extreme light and elastic decoration and building material. The reinforcement by diaphragms and its physical conditions cause its enormous superiority compared to other wood materials. It also was widely use for furniture, decoration materials as well.

Bamboo Poles treatment process

Cutting, Heat straightening or bending, Get poles boiled in boric acid or Hydrogen Dioxide (Hydrogen Peroxide) or calcined soda solution for degreasing ,bleaching, anti erosion (corrosion), anti-insect, and anti-mildew, Kiln or airing dried to get poles acclimatized, Fumigation and inspection by china Commodities Inspection and Quarantine bureau.

We were used to make poles' moisture rank  6-13% to adapt different regions and environment climate as per your mentioned. please note that before the products are installed, pepole must get them acclimatized for at least one week to make poles adapt local climate.

Design  Our bamboo products are designed by licensed designers and architects, and engineered by licensed structural engineers to meet any local standards. Further more, our designers use the strength of the bamboo and its connections to fulfill all building code requirements in earthquake and hurricane zones.

Customized design ia available, we can make precise drawing and graphics ,pictures to avoid any mistakes.

Connecting and Tightening

To prevent connection looseness, we tightened poles by black palm fibres twine rope, plastic fibre rope, copper clad steel wire, or abaca rope to twist and tie poles. Connected by pegged, rabbeted or cotter pin jiont, reduce using steel screw nail and steel wire if possible.


Bamboo poles will weathered and change into grey color along with times going. our main processing "multi-ply coats of polyurethane. light sanding in between coats" to ensure products hold up to the elements, .retain color, anti-cracking. grinding sanding sharp exposed edges and ends, use some silicone sealer to prevent wicking before sealing with polyurethane. The pieces are dry before sealing them.

Marking and packing

We will mark each section of our bamboo products by bar code , so that customers can easy identify and match with the correspondence sections when assembly and installation

CBG use 4-6 years constructural bamboo poles which have higher density because our factory is located in the maximum latitude area in the world where bamboo can grow up . so our bamboo products have fantastic hardness , strength ,and durable life than bamboo poles from south-east regions.  Bamboo products and its poles, trim materials are backed by our warranty, poles are harvested from quality controlled plantations at 5 to 6 years old for maximum strength and hardness.






Bamboo Assemble And Installation Instruction

Normally, In order to convenient pack and ship , some of our products such as bamboo gazebo,bamboo fountain are component which can be disassembled , some of our bamboo products -bamboo fence screen need to installation,so we will have assemble and installation instruction in word, or/and graphic drawings, or/and pictures, video disc, etc.

-Bamboo Fence Installation Instruction

-Bamboo Gazebo Assembly Instruction

-Bamboo Tiki Bar Assembly Instruction

-Bamboo Chair  Assembly Instruction

-Bamboo Screen(Panel)Installation Instruction

-Bamboo Fence & Screen(Panel)For Ceiling Decration Installation Instruction

-Bamboo Fence & Screen(Panel)For Walls Decration Installation Instruction

Please contact us at chinabamboogarden@yahoo.com.cn to get PDF or/and video disc instruction


Products Features

Natural   Bamboo products should be constructed and painted with totally natural materials if possible

Durable  Bamboo products should have enough strength & stable  construction to ensure its durable life

Service   Composed bamboo products  should  have assembly  instruction or/and  video disc  if  needed

Safety   Bamboo products should be safe  especially to children, it cann't have any sharp points, edges.

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