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Bamboo Arbors and Pergolas
Our Bamboo arbor (pergolas,flower supporter, grape supporter)  are made of original natural bamboo, the joints are connected by bamboo dowels ,glued and hammered in to form a strong and long lasting structure. . BFS-2 arbors features with seat, 18" side panels, 60" wide and 80" high. BFS-01,03 has curved upper  beams with bamboo trellis insert .
All bamboo arbors and pergolas are composed by some pieces such as posts, top and sides panels for easy assembly with bolts and nuts, each sections can be finished with a coats of lacquer for long-lasting durability and beauty.

BFS-01 with trellis side
  60" L x 18"W x 80"H

BFS-02 with trellis and seat
    60" L x 18"W x 80"H

BFS -03 bamboo arbors
60"L x 18"W x 80"H


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