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Bamboo Chair&Table Sets


         bamboo sofa sets

               bamboo sofa sets


Bamboo chair and table sets is one of bamboo outdoor and indoor furnitures in china These quality original authentic bamboo chair&bamboo table sofa sets are made with premium thick wall big bamboo poles treated and finished with durable lacquer, use chinese traditional rabetted or pegged connection for excellent strength and beauty, they are also can be solidly built with no assembly. Either the light bamboo color or natural black bamboo finished color are available. Shipped disassembled, simple assembly! These elegant furnitures are ideal for indoor or seating in public commercial establishments as well as casual use at beach,spa, garden and patio.

We basically have three types of bamboo chair&table sets:

Bamboo single/double chairs and stools Include bamboo fixed chair BC-01,bamboo folding chair which can be furled to save place during cool/raining season ,bamboo children chair and bamboo stools BS-04, bamboo bar stool BS-01/02 without back and rail,BDC-01 bamboo double chair for garden w/ arm and back.

BC-01 chair w/rail
24"W x20"D x36"H
24"W x 18"D x 38"H


18"Wx20"Dx 38"H 

18"W x 20"D x 30"H

BS-01  bar stool
16"D x 30"H

BS-02 bar stool
16"W x 30"H


20"Lx 15"W x 15" H
15"L x 12"W x 14"H
12"L x 10"W  x12"H


20"Lx 15"W x 15" H
15"L x 12"W x 14"H
12" L x 10"W  x12"H

BDC-01 garden chair
54"L x 21"W x 36"H

BDC-02 Curved Trellis
54"L x 21"W x 36"H

BDC-03 Straight
54"L x 21"W x 36"H


bamboo folding chair BFC-01   18"W x 20"D x 36"H

Bamboo reclining chair BBC-01/02/03/04,These element recliner chairs are typical china bamboo outdoor furnitures which have a adjustable back,w/ bamboo rails, we can design mini tray table out which can be inserted under the seat. bamboo lounge chair BBC-02 has a bamboo stair tread ,it gives you more relaxible feeling .It's a good choice for garden,patio,spa,and beach.


BBC-01  recliner
45"L x24"W x 12/38"H


BBC-02 lounge
36"L x28"W x 20/40"H


BBC-03 lounge
72"L x 26"W x 12/30"H


BBC-04 lounge
88 "L x48"W x20/30"H

Bamboo coffee (tea) table and chair sets  and bamboo bar table&stool sets for residential or commercial use, we also can produce bamboo picnic table sets as your design.


Stool  16'W x 30"H
Bar Table  24"D x 36" H


Table 30" D x 28" H
Chair 18"Wx20"D x36"H


Table  30"D x 28"H Chair18"Wx20"Dx36"H


BT/C-03 bamboo sofa sets
Table 42"Lx24"Wx 28"H
D-Chair 54"L x 21"W x 36"H 
S-Chair 20"W x 18" D x 36"H


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