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Q Is your outdoor bamboo products will hold up to the elements.? 


Yes, our main processing "multi-ply coats of polyuretane. light sanding in between coats" ensure products hold up to the elements. And we use some silicone sealer on any exposed "ends" to prevent wicking before sealing with polyurethane. The pieces are dry before sealing them.
Q.How long will these bamboo houses/tiki bar/furniture  last?
We almost all use Chinese traditional pegged /rabbet joint to ensure stable and long lasting constructure .It will last as long or longer than any conventional wood framed products. In china, bamboo structures have a history of lasting 1000 years. In some countrys, bamboo structures built with untreated bamboo poles of the same species used in their buildings are over 50 years old. These poles are used for telephone and power lines.

Q. Are you destroying the food source or habitat for Giant Pandas?
Not at all. The species of bamboo used as food primarily by the Giant Panda (but also in Asian cuisine) is Gelidocalamus fangianus found mixed within pine forests. Bamboo is harvested from bamboo forests which develop mainly on mountains. Very small areas are selectively harvested leaving much of the bamboo to continue propagating itself and providing habitat to native species. Since bamboo only takes a year to fully mature, but a typical harvesting rotation around a mountain takes five to six years, the forest is able to grow, thrive, and be harvested without disturbing the ecological balance or aesthetics' of the forest.
Q. How should I install my bamboo fence?
Always use treated wood or steel fence posts and mount the bamboo fence to it. Bamboo will rot within 3-4 years if placed in the ground. They make a great stake, but not a fence post.
Q. How should I cut bamboo?
Never push bamboo through a saw or it will shred. To get a clean cut, use a fine toothed blade and roll the bamboo through the saw scoring the outer skin first. No special tools are required. Table saws, hack saws, or band saws will work just fine.
Q. How can I keep bamboo from cracking?
 Cracking can not be eliminated entirely. It is an inherent property of the bamboo. There are things one can do to greatly decrease the chances of splitting:
1. After receiving your shipment, slowly acclimate the package to the climate. Rapid temperature changes will increase the chances of splitting
2. Use split bamboo whenever possible. Cutting a vertical slice in the pole or splitting bamboo relieves stress on the skin which will reduce chance for splitting.
Q. What kind of maintenance is required on the houses?
Exterior exposed bamboo requires the same maintenance as any natural wood siding. The siding can be painted, stained or oiled. The house exterior can also be covered with any siding material used in wood frame construction such as stucco.
Q. Are the bamboo products susceptible to insects and mildew?
Bamboo products and its poles, trim materials are backed by our warranty, poles are harvested from quality controlled plantations at 5 to 6 years old for maximum strength and hardness. Poles are pressure treated in Boric Acid for insect treatment, sanded and cut,. and multi-ply coats of  resistant durable finish
Q. Is there any kind of warranty on our products?
Yes, All bamboo products and poles, trim materials are backed by our company warranty. Our bamboo products have the same life span as any wood frame structure that is properly maintained.
Q.. How long is it from the time you order the building to when you receive it?
 Once we receive the deposit we begin to produce. Timeline for construction depends on the number of orders, season of the year and supply of bamboo poles. After the products are built, it is disassembled, put in a container and shipped by boat. Shipping takes about one month. Typically, your bamboo products should ship in about 2-3 months after you place the order.
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