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Bamboo Torch

Bamboo Tiki torches are great when placed outdoors in a garden,backyard,patio,spa,pool or beside lane.They add that extra special flare to any where and can also serve as a great decoration on a deck or table top.If you are looking to create an authentic island themed lua or you just want some permanent outdoor lighting in your garden ,bamboo tiki torch is a good choice.
Bamboo table torch
14"H, can- D5.5*H9cm
Bamboo table torch
14"H, can- D5.5*H9cm
Bamboo torch D 9-10cm
24"36"/4' H, can- D5.5*H9cm
Bamboo torch D10-11cm
5'/6' H, can-D6.5*H16cm
Detailed Product Description

Bamboo torches consist of a bamboo pole with a weaved basket at the top and a metal flame guard coated by fire retardant finish, which is a circular black piece that holds the cotton or fiberglass wick in place and attaches to the refillable fuel canister include snuffer cap .It is recommended to use citronella oil which is a natural insect repellent and also smells good.

Type: Multi Directional Weave Styling

Length: 14",24",36",4', 5' ,6' or according to customer's request.

Candister: D5.5*H9cm, D6.5*H16cm(5',6')

There are also many other types of tiki torches to consider ,such as metal tiki torches,,ceramic and glass tiki torches, propane torches, gas, oil, or electric tiki torch. But bamboo tiki torches are extremely popular because they bring a tranquil feeling to any outdoor setting. They can be solar powered, but even the traditional bamboo torches have low fuel costs
Possible Hazard: The surface coating of some flame guards on these bamboo torches and replacement canisters can absorb the fuel and ignite. This can cause the torch and nearby combustibles to catch on fire, posing a risk of burn injuries and property damage.
Children take care: bamboo torch is easy to cause torch and things nearby burning and injury children , no matter you buy torchs for outdoor or desktop use.
Oil burning torches storing: store the oil in a separate plastic container and store the torches upright. This helps to prevent cracks or other damage to the torches.
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