An "IT man" and his bamboo bicycle


When you pass through the industrial park of Suzhou city, china, you may meet a boy who rides on a bike which has part of structures made of bamboo pole. Modern Express reporter got in touch with the boy, named Qizhao. He is 24 years old and is engaged in IT industry. His favorite is not his job but the carpenter. The bamboo bike was made by him, and it has become his main means of transportation in the first half of this year.

In an accidental opportunity, Qizhao read news about an American made bamboo bicycle which is from riding companion. "Bamboo bike has a personality." He came up with making a bamboo bicycle. The frame is constructed by bamboo stick , then adding two wheels. Although the process is simple, doing it is very complicated. Made a friends old bike as a "prototype", Qizhao started to do it, and then he fished out unique "Qi assembled mode" after checking the website information.

As a graduator from Mechanical Engineering, he drew the blueprint at first. Then enter into tooling polished program. Qizhao always made some cosmetic changes until midnights. The frame is made of bamboo, and where the bamboos are connected is used fibrilia. In order to make it stronger, added a layer of fiberglass in the later. He bought other components in Taobao, and then body repainted to give the painting a pattern. His first DIY bamboo bike came into the world in January 2015. It only spent 2000 Yuan in total. If it is a good day, Qizhao will cycle to work,the total distance is about 16 kilometers. Every time when the red light to stop, there would be passers-by to surprise the eyes, as there are car drivers to shake down the window to ask..

Qizhao established "BBS studio" to help others to make bamboo bicycles  in  March this year. "BBS" is bamboo bicycle studio. Many admiring fans are custom bamboo bicycles. Recently, Qizhao decided to go to every campus to save old bicycles which are absorbed and dilapidated with his friends. He would transform them into bamboo bicycles to make the best use.

bamboo bicycle


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