Spotted Bamboo Cane

spotted bamboo cane

There are a numbers of bamboo cane styles around the world, like moso bamboo cane,tonkin bamboo,guadua bamboo and black bamboo ,speckled bamboo ,etc

Bamboo poles /cane from China have original light Green-yellow in color, but people were used to get poles treated to  avoid insect, erosion and mildew. This caused poles light yellow color. Black bamboo poles have natural black grown color.They are all hollow poles, usually very straight with a gradual taper and well defined nodes. speckled bamboo cane has natural spots on the outsite skin ,but there are not so much wild plants so pepole designed a new manmade spotted bamboo cane

uneven speckled bamboo edging

Build spotted bamboo cane step:

1, Harvest bamboo pole, capping, ,bleaching and drying to get a yellowish bamboo cane

2, Dyed into expected color and drying

3, Streighten

4, Spotting



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